About the blog

I hope that many people will contribute to this blog, over the years, but currently we’re all just starting out. The blog posts will be written by students and researchers taking part in the Bat-Eared Fox Research Project, which officially took off in 2014 at the Kuruman River Reserve. The project’s current goal is to investigate the causes and consequences of fatherhood/ paternal care in bat-eared foxes, taking into account endocrinology, ecology, cognition, and many other factors. This is hopefully the start of a long-term study on this species, which can teach us a lot about mammalian parenthood, but also the guild of myrmecophageous (termite-eating) animals.

As this blog grows, I hope that we can raise more awareness of small carnivores in the wild — their cognitive abilities, social behaviour, and variety of ecological niches. Ask questions, contribute comments, and enjoy the reading material. Expect new posts about once every two weeks. In the meantime, any errors an omissions on this site can be ascribed to me, the blog coordinator.

— Aliza


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