Interesting links

If you’d like to read more about bat-eared foxes, explore some of these links — we have found them to be very informative. Some of our favourite sites are linked below, including links to people or places that have been important to the success of the Bat-Eared Fox Research Project.


The University of Michigan’s detailed description of the bat-eared fox and its habits.

Some more information on the bat-eared fox, by the AWT.

Miona Janeke’s blog. She is a wildlife photographer who has captured some of the best moments at the Project, and elsewhere.

My Little Africa, a small wildlife sanctuary in Kestell, near our university campus. We have been able to do some interesting captive research here, and hope to continue to do so in future. In addition to watching the animals, you could also overnight there.

The Endangered Wildlife Trust’s project on Wildlife and Transport. Bat-eared foxes are frequent victims of dangerous drivers, and part of our project seeks to mitigate this loss of wildlife.


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